Midoca ‘Dry The Rose’ EP on mau5trap

Midoca  ‘Dry The Rose’ EP on mau5trap ile ilgili görsel sonucu

After two dynamic single releases, Midoca reveals his Dry The Rose EP, the artist’s most sonic work to date. A hopeful farewell to certain learned behaviors and ideas, Midoca’s honeyed tale chronicled in Dry The Rose is available now for the world to hear.

“For so long, I made an identity out of the things in my life that I didn’t know how to change, I just became them. I felt like I was watching myself exist in a room but from behind the glass, like I was simply not there. I feel different now; better. I’m learning to let go and see the beauty of the things in the past.” – Midoca

An open testament to modern relationships and the struggles in conforming to them, Midoca’s EP is reflective and sincere. After losing an important relationship some years back, Midoca began his pursuit of understanding his personal shortcomings, and Dry The Rose is his mellifluous tale of just that: “I’ve spent a few years now in therapy learning about myself and what led me to having the perspective I had of myself and what I was deserving of.” 

Five honest tracks serve as the LA-based creative’s growth and becoming. A search for vulnerability and understanding, Dry The Rose is Midoca’s personal promise of letting go and learning. Lyrically, the EP stands as an explorative piece of different experiences with love and relationships. Traversing motifs of love, love lost, and ultimate understanding, Midoca’s story is rooted in growth from start to finish. Written in moments of self-awareness, Dry The Rose is a soundtrack for change, and the pursuit of becoming oneself.

“The last body of work I created ‘Beautiful Story, Ugly Life’ was about my experience, understanding, and capacity for love after having been raised by an addict; the way that shifted how I much trusted and how much of others I let in. ‘Dry The Rose’ is a hopeful farewell to certain learned behaviors and ideas I had of myself.” – Midoca



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