Tritonal ft. Rosie Darling “Never Be The Same Remixes” Enhanced

Tritonal ft. Rosie Darling “Never Be The Same” [Remixes] | Enhanced ile ilgili görsel sonucu"

Tritional seems to never stop giving their listeners more and more! The duo recently shared the Alpha 9 remix of their hit “Never Be The Same,” and now, PROFF and Crystal Skies have shared their takes on the track.

Download “Never Be The Same”

The Texas duo’s first release following their triumphant ‘U & Me’ album, ‘Never Be The Same’ was a smash new single from in-form Tritonal, complete with luscious vocals from American singer Rosie Darling.

Now Russian producer and Progressive Trance heavyweight ALPHA 9 takes the reigns, crafting a dynamic remix with 80’s synth influences that will blow you away.

Meanwhile, fellow Russian producer PROFF follows with a darker Progressive take, giving the track a melodiously minor vibe, and contributing an extra dub version for good measure.

To round out the remix package, Crystal Skies close proceedings with their boisterous, impeccably-produced remix featuring roaring synths and an explosive vibe.

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