Pet Shop Boys “Monkey business”

Pet Shop Boys ‘Monkey business’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Pet Shop Boys find their inner funk with a bit of “Monkey business,” the disco-directed third showing from their upcoming album Hotspot, due January 24.

“Monkey business” may be getting a 2020 release, but is more of a 1970s sonic pool party packaged into a three-minute radio edit as electronic luminaries Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe invite fans to shenaniganize with booze-drenched lyrics, harmonizing backup singers, and groove-laden vocoder. The upcoming album’s third cut is a sonic departure its first two singles, the radio-ready “Dreamland” and the acoustically introspective “Burning the heather.”

In addition to the new single, Tennant also sparked rumors of a Glastonbury appearance during an interview with BBC Radio 2’s Nicki Chapman earlier this week, stating “You have put me on the spot, let’s just leave me there…” when asked about this year’s festival. Glastonbury takes place between June 24 and 28, the same week that the Pet Shop Boys’ scheduled EU tour concludes.

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