Kanye West’s choir releases ‘Jesus Is Born’ on Christmas Day

Sunday Service Choir Jesus Is Born ile ilgili görsel sonucu

A Christmas Miracle! Kanye announced in a pre-recorded interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Live that Sunday Service planned to release an album on Christmas Day and as promised, on the afternoon of Dec 25th, Jesus Is Born was available across streaming platforms.

Powered by Vydia, the new album from the choir serves as a follow up to Kanye’s first gospel album, Jesus Is King, which debuted in October. Most notably, West entered the Top 10 on both the Billboard Hot Christian Songs and Hot Gospel Song charts, as well as landing the Top Rap Album. Most recently, Kanye hit NYC for his Sunday Service, and added a Christmas favorite – an amazing rendition of “Little Drummer Boy”.

Jesus Is Born – track listing:
1. Count Your Blessings
2. Excellent
3. Revelations 19:1
4. Rain
5. Balm In Gilead
6. Father Stretch
7. Follow Me – Faith
8. Ultralight Beam
9. Lift Up Your Voices
10. More Than Anything
11. Weak
12. That’s How The Good Lord Works
13. Sunshine
14. Back to Life
15. Souls Anchored
16. Sweet Grace
17. Paradise
18. Satan, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down
19. Total Praise
more about Vydia: 
Vydia is an end-to-end platform that monetizes content and handles its own supply chain, distribution, data pipelines, complex rights management, and payments. The Inc. 500 video technology company, was founded by Roy LaManna, a music industry veteran with 15 years of experience. Since its launch, Vydia has played a major role in amplifying multiple genres and further supporting the careers of Lil Pump, Post Malone, Jon Z, and Drake Bell. The company has established strategic partnerships with over 200 digital service providers and applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, SoundCloud and networks YouTube, Vevo, BET, MTV, Music Choice, and Facebook. Vydia’s technology-first approach enables them to address the needs of the industry and proactively provide solutions with speed.

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