IT’S THE SHIP Korea Confirms 5 Year Agreement With Busan City Hall With Maiden Sailing From Busan, South Korea

IT’S THE SHIP Korea South Korea ile ilgili görsel sonucu

South Korea, 6 February 2020: Cruise Lab Co. Ltd., which is hosting IT’S THE SHIP Korea, announced that the Busan City Hall has signed a business agreement (MOU) with Busan Metropolitan City Hall, Busan Port Authority, and Busan Tourism Corporation which aims to revitalize the cruise tourism industry in Busan.

Cruise Lab Co. Ltd. announced the launch of IT’S THE SHIP Korea, which will launch its first sailing this year, with a five-year agreement with the convention agencies in hosting IT’S THE SHIP Korea by 2024. The four-day three-night one of a kind experience will sail from Busan, South Korea.

From L-R: Thomas Yang (CFO of Cruise Lab Co. Ltd), Han Sun Ung (Group Head of Business Development, Livescape Group), Iqbal Ameer (Group CEO of Livescape Group), Park Sung Hoon (Deputy Mayor of Busan Metropolitan Economic Affairs), Jang Woo Seok (CEO of Cruise Lab Co. Ltd), Matthew Dason (General Manager, Livescape Group), Steve Lee (Business Department representative of Cruise Lab Co. Ltd)

The convention was attended by Jang Woo Seok, CEO of Cruise Lab Co. Ltd., Park Sung Hoon, Deputy Mayor of Busan Metropolitan Economic Affairs, Kang Bu Won, Head of Management of Busan Port Authority, and Chung Hee Jun, President of Busan Tourism Corporation.

The four-day three-night sailing will depart from Busan, stopping over in Fukuoka, Japan before returning to Busan. From August 28-31 2020, the Costa neoRomantica cruise ship, hailing from Italy, will be the vessel of choice for this cruise festival. This concept of a cruise ship is new to the local market and will offer world class performances by international and local artists, pop-up parties and various side activities. 

In June of last year, Cruise Lab Co. Ltd. partnered with one of Asia’s largest event promoter, Livescape Group, in bringing the unique cruise music festival to South Korea. Since its inception in 2014, The Livescape Group has expanded into three countries, with their IP IT’S THE SHIP sailing to three countries in 2020. IT’S THE SHIP has been meeting the demands of festival goers who are seeking new experiences, and taking away the prejudice that cruise ships are for an older target market. 

In partnership with Cruise Lab Co. Ltd., Livescape Group and BEPC Tangent, IT’S THE SHIP Korea is poised to be at the forefront of the latest trend in music festivals in South Korea, bringing the entire cruise music festival experience to a new audience in South Korea in 2020. 

Jang Woo Seok, CEO of Cruise Lab, said, “We expect to achieve the success of IT’S THE SHIP Korea with unique geographical advantages and a strong base as a tourist city in Busan.”  

“We are honoured and ecstatic to announce the maiden sailing for IT’S THE SHIP Korea, following the success of our previous sailings in Singapore and China. We’ve always believed in creating unforgettable immersive experiences for all our shipmates and we’re excited to share this new adventure with our new shipmates from South Korea as well as our returning shipmates.” said Iqbal Ameer, Group CEO of Livescape Group.

Oh Keo Don, Mayor of The Busan City said, “It’s the beginning of a new era for the Busan cruise industry which will benefit the Busan economy due to the direct and indirect consumption of tourists in the areas of accommodation, food, transportation, as well as shopping before and after departure from Busan. We expect the image of the global tourist city to increase in a positive manner proportionate to the increase in foreign tourists.” 

More details of “IT’S THE SHIP Korea” available at 
IT’S THE SHIP Korea Confirms 5 Year Agreement With Busan City Hall With Maiden Sailing From Busan, South Korea ile ilgili görsel sonucu

About Cruise Lab Co. Ltd

Cruise Lab Co. Ltd was established to open up a new horizon for the entertainment industry on water. Cruise Lab Co. Ltd engages in a wide array of businesses across the entire cruise industry spectrum including culture & art, lifestyle, entertainment, music, performing arts, and unique conventions. We create competitive content aligned with market changes and leading trends from South Korea. Cruise Lab Co. Ltd is currently based in Seoul, South Korea. 

About The Livescape Group

The Livescape Group is Southeast Asia’s largest award-winning entertainment and creative agency. Offering in-house marketing, creative design, event production, logistics management, and artist management and booking, The Livescape Group has successfully created and managed world class events including IT’S THE SHIP, Rockaway Festival, FutuRepublic, Armin Only Embrace, and After Dark Social Club (ADSC). Its 360-degree approach to event management has driven them to be the go-to event agency for the best-known brands on the planet. The Livescape Group currently has offices based in Malaysia, Singapore, and Jakarta.


Since its inception in 2014, the IT’S THE SHIP brand has grown to become Asia’s largest festival at sea with the highest representation of shipmates from over 88 countries around the world. What some may consider as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, others consider as an annual milestone event – offering shipmates with a variety of fun activities, themed parties, and non-stop music – all on international waters. Previous sailings have seen popular artistes Lil Jon, Knife Party, Yellow Claw, Higher Brothers, and Dash Berlin hyping up the crowd, with 2019 being no exception. This year will mark the epic shipcation’s sixth embarkation with multiple sailings planned to take place within different regions.

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