Lisbon’s Ditch Days share indie-pop jam ‘Andy Kaufman’

Lisbon's Ditch Days share indie-pop jam ‘Andy Kaufman’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Taken from new 5-track EP ‘Office Space’ due March 2020

Lisbon based trio Ditch Days create a harmony of peppy-paced 90s tinged indie-pop and breezy vocals on the forthcoming 5-track EP ‘Office Space’ and pre-empts its arrival with a compelling, sun drenched single ‘Andy Kaufman’.

They say: “Aften more than two years of playing shows constantly, we found ourselves playing louder and faster at every gig, and we felt the need to bring that band energy into the studio. Andy Kaufman is not a departure from our dream pop sound, but adds new elements to the mix, using punchy drumbeats, beefy distortions and heavier basslines to paint a richer and more textured atmosphere.”

Having teased us with a couple of releases last year, it is clear that time spent in the studio has reaped timely rewards as the band return boasting a bolder, richer sound on ‘Office Space’.

Guilherme Correia, José Crespo and Luís Medeiros are all about dreamy guitar melodies; chill keyboards and catchy bass-lines, shaping the sunny landscapes imagined inside their easy-going and carefree minds.

Blending warm nature environments with hints of urban scenarios, the band evoke cool but complex dream pop songs with some fresh splashes of indie rock, making everyone feel summer will never end.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Ditch Days kept busy releasing a series of singles and collaborating with other projects such as Terry vs. Tori and Calcutta. While these singles proved to be successful, the Lisbon-based trio decided to write a more cohesive body of work. This result is “Office Space”, a 5 track EP that was conceived during the weekends and after work.

Recorded by the band at home, “Office Space” is heavier and punchier than their earlier material and finds the band exploring the new songs with a shoe gaze approach, without losing the emotional core that has characterised their sound.

Having amassed well over 300,000 streams on Spotify including features on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘Indie Lusitano’ playlists, the band graced various festivals stages in 2019 – Queima das Fitas do Porto, Festas do Mar, Super Bock em Stock, MIL Lisboa, Vans Duct Tape, FNAC Live, Talkfest, Indie Music Fest, Festins, Gliding Barnacles, Suave Fest and Clap Your Hands Say Fest!. 

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