LOVER releases music video for new single ‘Waiting Up’, featuring/starring himself & Cult Shotta.

LOVER  ‘Waiting Up’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Just recently Australian artist LOVER gave us an incredible new single called ‘Waiting Up‘, featuring Sydney rap-duo Cult Shotta, and this week we are excited to share its haunting and emotionally charged Jayemol directed music video.

Stream & Watch:

“This video was made with the intention of mixing the thriller and film noir genres. We decided to edit in black and white and use anamorphic lenses to give that closed-in, anxious feeling. It was an unexpectedly difficult project for us as it was the first time Jayemol and I directed and shot a video with an emotional narrative. After many (many many) late nights drinking and editing we finally got it to a place which we are happy with!

Huge shout out to The Pill Factory in Bundanoon for having us, Patrick Bahi, Tim Doherty and Jesse Campos for their help in filming this. Also a huge shout to Cult Shotta for coming through with an amazing verse and lots of energy. We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to let us know what you think.” – LOVER

Fans of Joji, Dominic Fike and Brockhampton are going to easily fall in love with ‘Waiting Up’. It is a true showcase of LOVER’s innate song-writing skills which are brought to life by two very talented producers, Litche and Tanssi, and when you throw in that extra Cult Shotta flavour ‘Waiting Up’ is taken to all new levels.

As LOVER explains below, this song came into being as a sort of fusion between a variety of different elements and ideas…

“’Waiting Up’ originally stemmed from an idea my friend Litche sent me from a writing session we did a little while back. I sang a bunch of different hooks which he had cut up and sliced into a totally new arrangement.

I was actually in the process of moving house the night he sent through the beat, and so everything around me, furniture and all, was either packed up or already gone and the house gave off a really eerie, lonely kinda vibe. I started singing the ‘Waiting Up’ hook in the first or second run through; in my mind I was picturing someone in an empty house, just staying there waiting for things to go back to the way they were, but regardless of the fact, a move / change was inevitable.

Once I had all my vocal parts recorded at home, I took it to my go-to producer Tanssi who worked on the beat and made that second section more trap/hip-hop influenced.” – LOVER

At this point the track was just missing that certain somethin’ to take it all the way to edge, and the first name that came to mind was Cult Shotta.

“I knew Charlie (of Cult Shotta) would be the perfect choice for that extra part I was after. I knew he’d bring something fresh to the sound, and after few weeks of back & forth, he came through with two verses that I was really happy with. He took the mood I was aiming to create and added more of a story to it, which he is a genius at; being really visual with his lyrics.” – LOVER

‘Waiting Up‘ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.


Cult Shotta:

Production by Litche and Tanssi
Mix and Mastering by Tanssi
Artwork by Jayemol and Tim Doherty
Press Photos by Jayemol
Music Video by LOVER and Jayemol

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