Kris Omen releases ‘Hollow Sphere’ via KP Recordings


Kris Omen returns with euphoric new single ‘Hollow Sphere ’

Kris Omen has unveiled his high-octane new single ‘Hollow Sphere’, out 30th March via KP Recordings imprint.

Artist: Kris Omen
Title: Hollow Sphere (Single)
Label: KP Recordings
Release Date: Mar/30/2020 (all other DSP’s)
Beatport Pre-Order Link :
Format: Digital
CAT#: KP478

About Kris Omen :

Frankfurt-based producer Kris Omen is known for emotion driven, ‘club’ heavy momentum, Techno that “tells a story”. His music has been critically acclaimed and played by several top-class DJs.

Kris’ enthusiasm and fascination for electronic music and soundscapes can be traced back to his early childhood.

In the mid-2000s, Kris was involved with recording and production of various bands, including The Miserable Rich, The Audience and many others during his time in studio production.

2011 Kris started his own project, initially only to be shown and shared among family and friends, but his first official releases followed in early 2012.

Follow Kris Omen :


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