44 Ardent ‘f i r e s’

44 Ardent ile ilgili görsel sonucu

44 Ardent is the name of a mysterious producer from Australia who makes chilled downtempo electronic music which can be likened to a mix between Flying Lotus, XXYYXX and Hudson Mohawke.


He’s coming back to us this week with his second single ‘f i r e s’ which comes with promise of a lot more new music that he has planned for release throughout 2020, and there’s a strong political message to go with it as well as he gives us some insight to the inspiration for the song….

“This song is a sonic representation of the flames which have consumed the country of Australia recently. Climate events are becoming more extreme and action must be taken.” – 44 Ardent

44 Ardent’s debut single ‘Fading 22’ won the support and attention from music tastemakers and fans around the world, leaving many people asking the question; where has this guy come from?…..and while we’re still left wondering, if he continues to give us music as great as it we won’t care one bit!

‘f i r e s’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.

Artist Connect:



Production, Mixing & Mastering by 44 Ardent

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