Icelandic artist Gunnar The Fifth tells you to ‘Hide From The World’

Icelandic artist Gunnar The Fifth tells you to 'Hide From The World' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Tells you to ‘Hide From The World’

Oslo based Icelandic alt-pop act and world renowned tattoo artist Gunnar The Fifth is pleased to announce details of a brand new video for ‘Hide From The World’, lifted from the debut EP due Spring 2020, it follows on from the recent track ‘Fell Off A Ledge’ and ‘Beauty In The Downfall’. It is a stirring, emotive piece of compelling lo-fi pop delivered with a rare tenderness and warmth that sets Gunnar part.

Gunnar details the track: “Originally written about wanting to hide from the world due to a break up and other personal issues. Now ever more relevant due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak.”

Gunnar The Fifth aka Gunnar Valdimarsson was born in a small fishing village far up north in Iceland. An inexplicable love for music saw him pursue an Audio Engineering course in the US and it was there in Orlando where he discovered another passion for tattooing. Since then Gunnar has climbed to the forefront of Realistic / Wildlife & Nature tattooing worldwide and travels routinely to festivals all around the globe. But with the passing of his mother he was left with a voice that needed to be expressed. Gunnar learned how to sing and play the piano and got two of his friends, Olafur Kiljan and Thomas Barnard, together they formed a band under the name Gunnar The Fifth. The name comes from the misunderstanding that Gunnar is the fifth since his last name starts with a V. Hence the project was born.

Combining MOOG Rogue synthesizers, piano and guitars, the trio were launched straight into the deep end with the first performance ever at a music festival in Holland. The band has since played all over the world, drawing accolades close to home and abroad. The trio are now poised to release their debut EP in April 2020 and have planned a clutch of new shows across Europe.

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