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egomunk releases powerful videos for ‘Only One’ EP

Mysterious artist egomunk has released the video for new single ‘Broken Beds’, taken from the brand new EP Only One.




The video is a visual metaphor for overcoming inner turmoil, which also reflects the meaning of the song. ‘Broken Beds’ addresses the complex daily battles of the mind, meditating on the past while seeking a positive future. The song is rich in atmospheric synths and dreamy vocals, which are laced with rolling hip hop beats.

Regarding the single egomunk says, “This is a track all about the feeling of being in the doldrums about some aspect of your life, relationship, work or whatever. Deep inside you can start to feel your old self coming back to normal, so you stop feeling moody and down and fight back to being up and positive and ready to take on the world again.”

‘Broken Beds’ is the second in a trilogy of visuals to accompany the Only One EP and follows the haunting animation of the Radio 1 supported single ‘Islands’, which highlights loneliness and caring for the elderly.

Regarding ‘Islands’ egomunk says, “The song ‘Islands’ could not be more pertinent to our current worldwide situation. From the first line “I don’t think I’ve ever been as lonely as you…” It delves right into the heart of isolation and loneliness centring on an elderly man and his carer.

“It reminds us that this life is about being there for each other and acting with compassion and love rather than succumbing to fear. There is a further twist in the video, but without shouting ‘spoiler alert!’, it does bring into question what ‘real’ companionship is and the nature of sentient beings.”

The Only One EP blends and eclectic mix of styles and influences, also including the brooding pulsating beats of ‘Radio Hum’ and the atmospheric tones of ‘Drift’.

Throughout the EP, egomunk pushes the boundaries of creativity and art, continually combining seemingly disparate genres and concepts to form genre-defying and innovative sounds.

The Only One EP is the second instalment in a series of free-flowing Only EPs. The first was released last year and featured acclaimed singles including the dark and twisted ‘Schizoid Superstar’, the piano-led ambient wonder ‘Drones’ and the thought-provoking electro stomp of ‘The Only Sin Is Religion’.

The EPs follow the surprise release of his debut album Footsteps To Mars, self-released for free in 2016. Given away as a download via and also on DSPs, the album received over 300,000 downloads and over a million streams.

egomunk is the secret moniker created to remove the restraints of creativity with an intoxicating new cross genre project featuring VIP collaborators and guests, while also protesting against a world where personal privacy and use of the internet has blurred into nonexistence.

“A genre-defying piece with huge crossover

“Egomunk are not a new paradigm in the musical business model, rather they’re the logical result of where we find ourself, culturally, an interesting prism through which we can track the changes.”
Drowned In Sound

“The music of egomunk is almost psychedelic, mind- bending, and toothsomely atmospheric.”
The 405

“Powerful music dwelling in anonymity”