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MOGAN ‘What Happens Next?’

Music Week

UK-based musician MOGAN has premiered their debut single, ‘What Happens Next?’ via Music Week. The single comes out on 30 March and is lifted from their upcoming EP, Gutter which will be released on 24 April via sinc(x) Records. The mixing and mastering of the track is done by fellow Cardiff-based maestro Minas (Hana2k, Luke RV and Dead Method). The musician has featured in God Is In The TV Zine as well as receiving airplay on Walya’s Act Normal show for Noods Radio and Razorblade the Tape. MOGAN has performed live in several venues and events including The Swansea Fringe Festival as part of The Demimonde line-up – an inclusive LGBTQ+ event and with The Forte Project in Cardiff. They have also played for events curated by Safe Gigs For Women and with the Cardiff DIY punk collective Hotel De Marl.

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Speaking of ‘What Happens Next?’, MOGAN tells us, “The song really sets up the whole theory of being on the sidelines of chaos. When everything you’re witnessing is so messed up that you’d rather gouge your own eyes out with a compass than see what happens next”