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BSOD (deadmau5 & Steve Duda) Reunite for ‘No Way, Get Real’ EP Out Now on mau5trap

BSOD Makes a Triumphant Return with 'No Way, Get Real' | EDM Identity

Could be short for Blue Screen of Death or Better Sounding on Drugs, BSOD is the electronic duo consisting of Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5, TESTPILOT) and Steve Duda. Today (April 10) they welcome a four-track EP titled No Way, Get Real on mau5trap.


The tracks on No Way, Get Real are just as catchy as their titles “Allpassing Lane,” “Afterburner,” “Fives” and “Pitches Love Me.” The four instrumentals range from infectious electro-disco funk to synth compositions worthy of the coolest video game.
BSOD first formed in 2005 as a joke between the two friends.  The pair topped Beatport charts with their first track “This Is the Hook, a parody of popular dance music in 2006 and went on to release albums and EP’s such as Played Out, Pay Here To Click, Trap Me and Last Life.  No Way, Get Real is their first release in over six years.
Look for BSOD to reunite again for a select run of club shows later this year.
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