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Produced between his Malmö and Berlin studios with music spanning from 2014 to present day, the Swedish tastemaker presents a fine selection of cuts for his debut album which represents a personal account of his journey as an artist.

After six years in the making between Malmö and Berlin, Per Hammar will release his first studio album on his Dirty Hands imprint this May. Spanning 12 tracks, for release on digital, triple vinyl and streaming, the album is designed for the dance floor and represents the evolution of one of Sweden’s finest artists from his musical beginnings in 2004 to the current day.

Vinyl Release: 1st May 2020
Digital Release: Mid-June 2020
3 x 12” Vinyl // Digital // Streaming

A1. Mother
A2. F Dubb 1000
B1. DX Sport
B2. Late For The Trance Gate
C1. Low Bats
C2. If You Have A Mind It Will Wonder
D1. Novo Line
D2. Inter City
E1. Galatea
E2. Passenger Blend
F1. Midnight Print
F2. Manchester Lone Star

Per Hammar has been associated with labels such as Infuse, Constant Sound, Malin Génie Music and Berg Audio to name a few. Always inspired by music where melody is the focus, Per Hammar notes his subconscious as being an inspiration for his productions. Over the last 15 years, his material has featured influences from dub to video game scores, and trance to happy hardcore, but it’s been dub that’s held centre focus on his own Dirty Hands productions, and he frequently utilises gear that’s been around for years in the dub scene.

For the Pathfinder LP, Per Hammar regularly uses a Eurorack Modular system, and the Roland Space Echo. He also enjoys collecting old, weird and forgotten gear, such as soviet drum machines to which he uses on a selection of the tracks, as well as using tape and field recorders to capture an ample selection of everyday sounds.

As a bonus, Per Hammar will also create a 60 minute special continuous mix of the LP available to stream. The mix will feature all the tracks with some special edits and versions of the tracks, which will be available on Spotify and Soundcloud, to offer a live mix perspective to the album.

On the album Per Hammar explains:

Dirty Hands means quite a lot to me as it stands for something that I built myself as a step towards independence and it gives me exactly what an independent label should give, the power of making things happen and not dealing with others on how things should be presented.
Since the label launch in 2014, it has also reflected my own confused musical personality pretty well. One day I’m into this, another day I’m into that, so with Dirty Hands I feel that it’s OK to be like that. So releasing the album somewhere else was never in consideration and it’s taken on many shapes since I started to work with it, that’s also why it took so long to get it out. Listening through you will notice it takes you from dub to trance to minimal and all that’s in between.
The album shows the journey from the very start of my production career, 15 years ago, until the present time. Navigating and finding the path on this crooked road. Daniel Christensen, the designer behind this triple vinyl, also translated it into the artwork of the release. There is a path, but there will be obstacles on it that you have to deal with.’
  – Per Hammar

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