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Nomadic multi-instrumentalist and producer Kayobe RELEASES Islands To Bridges album

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Nomadic multi-instrumentalist and producer Kayobe released his new album Islands To Bridges on 10 April via Physical Presents. Kayobe has received support from the likes of CLASH Magazine, Atwood Magazine, Aupium, Canadian Beats, Celebmix and Impose Magazine whilst his EP Hidden received prime placement on both Spotify (New UK Garage and New Music Friday Canada) and AppleMusic playlists. As a result, Kayobe is sitting at over 1.3M plays across streaming platforms.

Kayobe – Islands To Bridges [2020] Flac | WRZmusic


LABEL: Physical Presents

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Island To Bridges album Tracklist

1. Mirrors


3. No Sympathy ft. Zoe Sky Jordan

4. Miss You Blame You

5. Slow Down

6. Blue Eyes

7. Energie

8. VI

9. My Love

10. Seaside ft. Olive B.

11. Colours

A traveller at heart, Kayobe is currently based in Toronto, Canada however, he has previously lived near Victoria Park in East London, working out of a studio in Hackney and travelled to over 25 different countries (including Peru, Spain, Colombia, USA Panama and Nicaragua) while writing and collecting influences for his album. As he grew up, Kayobe played the guitar, sang, and played the drums while the transition into adulthood brought an interest in music production and the blissfully endless possibilities of creativity that came with it. Finding a passion in the arts, Kayobe’s background includes a culmination of years of work as a self-taught producer, vocalist, sound engineer, DJ and visual effects artist.

As diverse as Kayobe’s own sound is, his influences carry just as much variety with the likes of Daphni, Thom Yorke, DJ Shadow, Frank Ocean, Caribou, Bon Iver, Thundercat, Foals, FKA Twigs, Björk, Portishead, James Blake and Nick Hakim all appearing on his playlist. His own sound sits closer to the likes of Bonobo, Massive Attack, Abi Ocia and CHVRN.

A mesmerising drumbeat provides a solid introduction to ‘Miss You Blame You’ as the soundscapes build. With delicate female and male vocals scattered throughout the track, the listener’s focus is more drawn to the organic soundscapes and rhythmic drumming than the lyrics. The song combines aspects of chillwave and deep house that can be found throughout the Islands To Bridges album, giving the listener a hint of what is to come. The album showcases Kayobe’s musical talents, as he steadily maintains a running element throughout Islands To Bridge while presenting new elements in each individual track.

Kayobe takes the time to reveal a little more about the deeper meaning behind the album, “Islands to Bridges was written and recorded on three different continents and was inspired by the sights and sounds around me. There were phases during the creation of this album when I was feeling more solitary (islands), and phases when I was feeling compelled to connect more deeply with others (bridges). There are more energetic party tracks, and more subdued chillout tracks – I hope they take you on a journey from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.”

Speaking of the track, Kayobe tells us: “Miss You/Blame You is about wanting to be in two places at once – either physically or emotionally. You can be grateful for where you are, while at the same being resentful that you’re not somewhere else. The vocals are from a writing session I did in Toronto with the talented Veronica, and the track was produced much later when I was living in the UK. Hope you enjoy it!”

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