Loco Dice announces new label with 3-track ‘Sweet Nectar Blossom’ EP

Loco Dice announces new 'En Couleur' label with 3-track 'Sweet ...
The release coincides with the launch of his new Instagram talk show
‘3 Is The Magic Number’

Internationally renowned DJ and producer Loco Dice continues his prolific start to 2020 with the release of three-track EP ‘Sweet Nectar Blossom’, out 22nd May via his freshly launched En Couleur label.

Loco Dice - Sweet Nectar Blossom [ENC004D] | Sharing-DB.net

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The EP opens with the title track, a grainy, lo-fi house jam that’s characterised by its raw, stripped-back nature. ‘Kanak Funk’ then follows a similar formula, a hazy, bumping groover that’s beauty is in its minimalism. Closing things out is recent single ‘Believe In Me’, a blissed-out, ethereal house cut that transports listeners to the clouds and beyond with its spiritual leads and smooth transitioning.
Translating to “in colour” in French, En Couleur will be reserved exclusively for the Dusseldorf artist’s music. The name of the label was chosen because “colour stands for the diversity of cultures I absorb and artists I meet on my life journey,” Dice explains. “Lots of things I do in my life appear in colour. The music I produce is like my movie in technicolor, and the music I play is sorted by colour in my crates and folders.”
Dice has also been busy launching his all-new Instagram talk show ‘3 Is The Magic Number’. Having kicked off on 26th April with fellow dance music legend Carl Craig, the weekly show sees him chat to a new guest each week about their ‘all time favourite three’. This could be anything from albums to movies to books to games, with guests coming from the worlds of fashion, hip-hop, art, fashion, sports and of course electronic music. Following on from Craig, Italian techno favourite Joseph Capriati and Grammy-winning music mogul Diplo appeared on the most recent editions, with more to be revealed.
‘Sweet Nectar Blossom’ sees Loco Dice shift his creative energies towards a new sound and aesthetic, with stellar results.

To find out more about Loco Dice, go to:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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