Loog Guitars: The Guitar Musicians Buy for Their Own Kids, As Seen in Wilco’s “The Late Show” Debut

Wilco "Tell Your Friends" - Late Show #PlayAtHome - YouTube

In case you missed it, Wilco performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this past week and what you may or may not have noticed was the sweet guitar in the background wasn’t a Gibson, wasn’t a Fender, it’s a Loog.

Musicians like Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and The Rolling Stone’s Darryl Jones, plus many more, are all getting behind Loog. While they are available to adults, the coolest part about Loog is that they are the guitars that musicians are buying for heir kids – and they aren’t a toy, they are a real instrument that comes in various colors & sizes. Even more Loog love, John Bohlinger or Seth Jabour (Late Night W/ Seth Meyers) have also supported. It has been embraced as a top pick when it comes to teaching young ones to play an instrument. As seen in Wilco’s debut “Tell All Your Friends” on the Colbert Show, the three string Loog Guitar is specifically made for kids to start playing songs in less time and with no stress. 

Watch Here: 

Making the whole learning process easier, faster and more rewarding, Loog Guitars allows you to play any song from day one, allowing small kids to form chords on Loog’s slim neck and stay engaged enough to actually learn. With regular guitar strings and standard guitar tuning, all you learn on a Loog applies on a 6-string guitar as well. Bundled with flashcards it also comes with an educational app that is structured as a game where little monsters help kids play songs and form chords on day one. Combining new and old with interactive, AR-capable app with games, avatars and instructional videos, kids can play music from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, and Taylor Swift allowing them to keep learning, playing, and acquiring skills that will stay with them forever. 

for more information on Loog, visit www.loogguitars.com

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