Nadeah & Beki Share Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) post-punk remix for ‘Ou Est Tu?’

Nadeah & Beki Share Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) post-punk remix ...

Taken from debut EP ‘Dream Bitches’ out now via Kwaidan Records

Paris based duo, Nadeah & Beki rope in Nouvelle Vague founder and producer Marc Collin to create a retro tinged post-punk tribute remix for their latest track ‘Ou Es Tu?’, lifted from their latest EP ‘Dream Bitches’ out now through Kwaidan Records. There’s a certain feel of 90’s girl power underlying the duo’s minimalistic sound and breathy synths, which will certainly keep fans of leftfield electro-pop happy.

Marc Collin says: “I asked Nadeah to write a song in French, I always loved when someone is writing something not their native language. It’s keeping to a kind of naivety and purity. She came at the studio with these ‘Ou es tu?’ lyrics and I plugged my old Crumar organizer organ (kind of cheap imitation of the famous Hammond B3). I combined 2 rhythm patterns (yes you can do this) and we started to play (there are 2 keyboards, up and low). I put a distortion pedal to get a heavier sound and we recorded it live! Then we recorded the vocals with Beki and I added simple drums (I wanted to create something like Go! from punk rockers Tones on Tail). For this remix I wanted to create a very Cramps / Alan Vega feel to the track, hope you like it.”

 The duo see them channel their love of 90s electro-clash to the present with their debut EP ‘Dream Bitches’ due 6th March 2020, Nadeah & Beki (Aussie born Indian/Serb Nadeah Miranda and Anglo-Syrian Beki Mari) team up with French producer Marc Collin, who redefined the cover version with his world-conquering Nouvelle Vague project.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from 80’s post-punk, electro pop and hip-hop, evoking the likes of Peaches and Chicks on Speed with a modern tongue in cheek twist; evident in the new single ‘Ou Es Tu’. Nadeah & Beki play off each other’s vocals, or act as a tag team, with the former’s Aussie twang perfectly complementing Beki’s more clipped, British tones.

They say: “Où Es-Tu? is about our inability to be present. It’s as if we’re perpetually chasing our tails, catching up with life and rushing around judging ourselves by vast and varied comparative measures. Consequently we don’t get a chance to be present, nor to think about who we really are. We wanted a musical landscape that reflected this chaotic kind of distracted energy but again, its still a song with a super fun fun element to the lyric. All our songs are very tongue in cheek despite the semi-dense subject matter.”

 Both have previously worked with Collin, joining Nouvelle Vague’s rolling revue. In Beki’s case, after moving to London and working with a string of rock bands, she met with Collin at a Nouvelle Vague show and later joined the band. Following which, she and Collin released a dark-wave /neo-industrial album under the name The Living Gods of Haiti, including a collaboration with Penny Rimbaud, founder of seminal punk band, Crass. Similarly, at 18, Nadeah moved to London. She signed with a major label but found the hit-factory mentality less than creative so she founded Brighton-based indie band The loveGods, “We won Radio 1’s best unsigned band, played Glastonbury three times and then I got kicked out of the UK,” says Nadeah. “So I moved to Paris, joined Nouvelle Vague, toured with them for three years and then put out three solo albums under my name Nadeah. I like threes.”

The lightbulb moment for the pair came when Nadeah asked Beki, who is also a director, if she could work on a video – and, as a last minute thought, to guest on a track or two. Says Nadeah,  “I asked Beki to lay down some vocals. As soon as she started I thought, ‘Wow,- we have to make a band”. According to Beki, DreamBitches “has the energy of previous projects but is way more tongue in cheek. We’re more focused on irony and making fun of ourselves and society whilst being political at the same time.”

Nadeah concurs: “Humour breaks down peoples’ guard. I get very bored when I have to be sincere all the time. Emotional ballads and epic rock come naturally to me so I wanted to do4 the opposite. Also I think Marc’s production supports the kooky characters we developed when recording/ writing the songs.”

The EP also sees Collin delivering some of his most dynamic production work to date. “It’s different in the sense where I’ve tried to renew myself as a producer/composer. I started to produce the songs using sample sounds, like I used to do in the 90’s with my AKAI S1000. I tried to forget my musical knowledge and just use sounds, like a DJ, to fit with the top lines and melodies.”

He sounds like he’s having the time of his life, exploring various dance music styles, filling out the gritty soundscape of ‘Kombucha’ with rippling synths and sci-fi undertones, as well as bringing in some of his beloved, ice-and-fire post-punk on the ‘Où Es-Tu?’.

Beki calls it “urban/electro punk. We coined the term bauhaus pop – which we haven’t convinced everyone we can use yet!” Whatever you call it, you’ll be powerless in the face of Nadeah & Beki’s charm offensive.

DREAMBITCHES (EP) is out now on Kwaidan Records.

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