Stella Von Schoneberg’s new album “Is It Me?…” @WMC time 2021

Stella Von Schoneberg’s new album “Is It Me?..” @WMC time 2021.

Stella Von Schoneberg the international electroPop Music Icon singer/songwriter (WMC&ADE) with a strong attitude and musical identity. Based in Berlin/Europe. With strong vocals, catchy toplines and a powerful pop style. Stella Von Schoneberg has a lot to say in her art.


Title: Is It Me (ALBUM)

Album Tracklist :

01.Stella Von Schoneberg “Is It Me”(Original Mix)

02.Stella Von Schoneberg”Is It Me”(Reggae Version)

03.Stella Von Schoneberg”Let the Beat Drop”(Original Mix)

04.Stella Von Schoneberg”Hot Hot Hot”(Original Mix)

05.Stella Von Schoneberg”Hot Hot Hot”(Second Version)

06.Stella Von Schoneberg”Move Don’t Stop”(Original Mix)

07.Stella Von Schoneberg”Move Don’t Stop”(Second Version)

08.Stella Von Schoneberg”We Going Down”(Original Mix)

09.Stella Von Schoneberg”Hey Hey”(Original Mix)

10.Stella Von Schoneberg”Hey Hey”(Second Version)

Label: KP Recordings

Release Date: FEB/15/2021 (Beatport Exclusive), MAR/15/2021 (all other DSP’s)

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