Epizode official statement – Fake Event Launched


Facebook Post Here –https://www.facebook.com/epizode.official/posts/1721477441324777

It is with regret that we inform you about the frauds aimed to “Epizode” festival. The “Epizode: Epilogue (Epizode 5)” announced on social networks yesterday and the advertising campaign launched that day (which was additionally supported by industrial media) were not officially confirmed by us, there were no press-releases regarding these matters.

We were shocked to hear this news, because the decision to hold the next “Epizode” festival has not been taken yet due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. We closely monitor the course of events and the festival dates will be announced as soon as we can be confident of safety of our guests, which has always been a top priority for the festival organizers.

Hence, please do not associate the “Epizode” festival with the announced event and keep clear of fraudsters.

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