Calvin Logue ‘Resonance EP’ Heldeep Records

Calvin Logue - Resonance EP | Heldeep Records | Spinnin' Records

Scottish producer Calvin Logue has already been championed by the likes of Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Adam Beyer and Nicole Moudaber thanks to his stellar tracks on the likes of Spinnin’ Deep. Now he arrives for his debut outing on Heldeep Records with two absolute juggernauts.

Whirring synths give a dizzying feel to ‘Resonance’ as a muted arpeggio plucks a melody subtly and splashy percussion drives the track forward. The synth comes into focus, with clever use of LFO to give it a wobbling, unstable, intense feel. The chord progression is held in greater focus in the breakdown as the sustained notes of the lead line build the tension. As the drop hits, in cuts a sprightly 8-bit style lead riff that adds more colour to the proceedings while heavily reverbered claps and FX heighten the atmospheric feel. Another huge track that takes its time and rewards patient listeners (and dancers)

Thundering acidic techno is the order of the day on ‘Control’. A juddering bass arpeggio and thudding kicks provide the foundations for the track as haunting FX pan across the stereo field. Dramatic percussive hits cut through the darkness as the cymbal rides and off-beat claps pick up the rhythmic energy and all the while a menacing acid line rises into focus. A hazy female vocal snippet and a teasing snare build gather more tension. The sinister breakdown lays on more dark 303-style tones and intensifies the already menacing feel. It’s a masterclass in maximal minimalism, with an uncluttered arrangement creating a huge feel.

‘Resonance EP’ is out now on Heldeep Records!

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