FVLCRVM Returns with new alt-pop jam ‘Hate List’

FVLCRVM Returns with new alt-pop jam 'Hate List' • WithGuitars

Taken from new EP ‘Attentioncore’ out 17th July

Fast rising Slovakian DJ / producer / musician FVLCRVM returns with a thought provoking alt-pop gem ‘Hate List’ lifted from his brand new EP ‘Attentioncore due this July.

He says: “There’s not much to add to this one. Although it’s pretty personal and some items on the list shift back and forth between okay and not okay. I had the most fun writing because it’s definitely the easiest thing for me to put together.” A deft musician adept at various instruments, having been brought up on a steady diet of gospel and soul as reflected in his work, FVLCRVM draws on a myriad of influences from soul, R&B, house, grime and footwork to create a complex smogasbord of intelligent, well crafted pop with an air of uber-cool flourish. Following on from his previous EP ‘Words Loose Meaning’, the new 5-track EP ‘Attentioncore’ combines elements of modern club and electronic music together with catchy pop hooks and irreverent social commentary. FVLCRVM explains: “I’ve spent the last three years working from home so the whole lockdown hasn’t affected me much except I don’t meet new people that often. That’s why I keep losing the ability to reflect on other people’s stories. I rather became interested in what’s triggering certain choices and decisions and where does all this start. And that’s what ‘Attentioncore’ is mostly about. I became really comfortable with the constant flow of choices. But the ever increasing amount of possibilities is slowing me down every day and makes me spend more time choosing than consuming or creating something. Everytime I try to narrow the choices there is this fear of being disconnected, getting stuck in the same patterns, opinions and taste for everything. As if that’s the only quality people judge me for. But the line between my self-reflection and self-absorption is really thin and the latter is generally the mother of all mental problems. So I guess the most important filter for potentially life-changing or destructing ideas is the brain’s attention centre. That’s where all the good and bad impulses live or just die out at the gates.” 

FVLCRVM’s live shows build the bridge between a DJ set and live vocal / instrumental performance and this crosslink is evident in the new EP. Garnering over 1.7 million streams on Spotify, his previous releases drew accolades from the likes of Atwood Magazine, DJ Mag, Earmilk and Complex Magazine; and landed him countless of shows around the globe with fellow luminaries like Hudson Mohawke, Just Blaze, Pomo, Tokimonsta, Falty DL and others. FVLCRVM’s trajectory is most certainly on the rise.



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