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Move the Record, a global initiative launched in support of independent record stores, reveals opening programme

Move the Record, a global initiative launched in support of ...

Move The Record is a brand new initiative devised in association with Dana Ruh and KMA60 Berlin, in response to the uncertain future that independent record stores are facing worldwide. In the wake of recent events and the ensuing movement for equality; the economic repercussions of the pandemic —  now more than ever the music industry must stand together.
The first edition of Move the Record is set to take place across Friday 3rd July and Saturday 4th July, and will comprise 2 x 12-hour streaming broadcasts from stores around the world featuring residents and special guests, with each 2-hour slot flowing into the next.
Discounts of up to 20% will be in place across participating stores’ online platforms for 48 hours, to encourage customers to invest in their local spot. Stores and artists participating in the first edition include:

Argentina: Haûs Record Store (Buenos Aires) – Franco Cinelli, Momo TrosmanBelgium: Sound Architecture x Ampere (Antwerp) – Lefto, Red D  Germany: KMA60 (Berlin) – Dana Ruh, Fred P  Ireland: All City (Dublin) – Lee Kelly, SiasItaly: Serendeepity (Milan) – Hiver, MCMXC  Norway: Filter Musikk (Oslo) – Prins Thomas, Roland Lifjell b2b Sverre BrandPortugal: Carpet & Snares (Lisbon) – Jorge Caiado, Steffi  Spain: Ater Cosmo x Stardust (Madrid) – Psyk, TadeoRussia: Deficit (Moscow) – Ottuga, OLUK: Phonica (London) – Bradley Zero, Nick Williams  USA: Halcyon x ReSolute (New York) – O.BEE, Orazio b2b JulioUSA: RS94109 (San Francisco) – Josh Cheon, Sohrab Harooni

In addition, supporters can contribute to the initiative via a sweepstakes with a chance to win vinyl, hardware, studio sessions, production courses and merchandise from the likes of Ortofon, Ableton, Factory Berlin, Native Instruments, Point Blank Music School, R&S, Pressure Traxx, Mute Records, Warner Music and more. 100% of proceeds will be distributed among the participating stores. 

“I bought my first record at Undrergrounder in Gera, back in 1995.” says Dana Ruh, “I still have it. A record is a physical medium, a piece of art — from the music, to the pressing, to the cover design.
We all — artists, clubs, labels, distribution, pressing plants — are facing uncertain times as a direct result of the Covid crisis. Our industry is all connected, and many people have already lost their jobs. Clubs are closed; performing artists have lost their primary source of income; record stores — our cultural hubs of community and discovery — are struggling to stay afloat. So on July 3 and 4, myself and 11 other stores around the world will come together to support one another. It’s all connected. We are all connected.”

Move the Record, a global initiative launched in support of ...


All City (Dublin, Ireland)Lee Kelly, Sias
Ater Cosmo x Stardust (Madrid, Spain)Psyk, Tadeo
Carpet & Snares (Lisbon, Portugal)Jorge Caiado, Steffi
Deficit (Moscow, Russia)Ottuga, OL
Filter Musikk (Oslo, Norway)Prins Thomas, Roland Lifjell b2b Sverre Brand
Halcyon x ReSolute (New York, USA)O.BEE, Orazio b2b Rechulskul
Haûs Record Store (Buenos Aires, Argentina)Franco Cinelli, Momo Trosman
KMA60 (Berlin, Germany)Dana Ruh, Fred P
Phonica (London, UK)Nick Williams, Bradley Zero
RS94109 (San Francisco, USA) Josh Cheon, Sohrab Harooni
Serendeepity (Milan, Italy)Hiver, MCMXC
Sound Architecture x Ampere (Antwerp, Belgium)Lefto, Red D

AbletonAll CityAmir Alexander / Vanguard SoundAmpereAter CosmoBrouqade RecordsCaprices FestivalCarpet & SnaresCocoonDeficitDistrict 8Estamos FelicesFilter MusikkHalcyonJaninaDokutoku RecordsGiovanni Verrina / All In RecordsGrowin MusicSchwarzaberherzlich TattooHaûs Record StoreKMA60Melcure RecordsNative InstrumentsPhonicaPressure TraxxPoint Blank Music SchoolR&SReSoluteRS94109SerendeepitySound ArchitectureStardustStrukturforscherTom Hemp’sWarner MusicWe Play House

Contribute £10 or more to the sweepstakes at the link above (each £10 contributed equates to one ticket) to be in with a chance to win a range of awesome prizes from the likes of:  

  • Native Instruments – Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2
  • Caprices Festival – 2 x pairs of weekend tickets [SW only]
  • Ableton – 4 x licences + merchandise
  • Ortofon – 2 x Concorde Club Single / 2 x Concorde DJ Single / 5 x pairs of slipmats / 6 x shirts
  • Factory Berlin – 3 x 2 studio sessions in Beats x Dre´s creative hub with technician / 1 x coworking membership [DE only]
  • Riverside Studios Berlin – 3 x 2-hour studio time [DE only]
  • Warner Music – 10 x Kraftwerk limited collectors vinyl box
  • Point Blank Music School – ‘Intro to Production: Ableton / Logic’ course (RRP £680)
  • Tom Hemp´s – 30 x CBD sets
  • Ampere – 2 x tickets for club night of choice at Ampere Antwerp / 2 x tickets for Ampere Open Air Festival [BE only]
  • Ampere – 1 x Ampere Dazzle Sweater / 1 x Ampere Tee
  • Mixcloud – 5 x free Pro 1-year memberships (RRP £150)
  • R&S Records – 20 x test pressings + 5 x hoodies
  • DJ Mag – 5 x 1-year subscription
  • District 8 – Double pass for reopening [IE only]
  • Schwarzaberherzlich Clothing – 2 x hoodie
  • Strukturforscher Artist – 10 x paintings

Plus record bundles from:

// All City // All Inn Records // Amir Alexander / Vanguard Sound // Ampere // Brouqade // Cocoon // Dana Ruh // Dokutoku Records // Growin Music // Janina // KMA60 // Melcure Records // Pressure Traxx // We Play House + more

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