BONNIE X CLYDE Release New Alt-Pop Single “Love Is Killing Me”

Bonnie X Clyde Talk About New Single, "Love Is Killing Me" | Miami ...

Today (June 26), BONNIE X CLYDE– who is Paige Lopynski and Daniel Litman–have made available their brand-new summer single “Love Is Killing Me” on Ultra Records.  It’s an electronic power-packed love song but its theme can also be applied to other life experiences.  For BONNIE X CLYDE, it’s about their desire to make music.

Bonnie X Clyde Release Latest Love Powered Track 'Love Is Killing ...

Listen to BONNIE X CLYDE’s “Love Is Killing Me” now at:

Reflecting on where they’ve been at leading up to this release, Paige and Daniel say, “Up until this point we’ve given a ton of songs to make people feel good, but this song is a juxtaposition on love & what feels good. We want people to know life isn’t always roses & daisies.  As humans we have hardships, but at the end of the day they have to be worked through to keep going. That’s what we do every day. This song is a feel-good summer jam that we feel people will really be able to relate to.”


BONNIE X CLYDE– who is DJ/producer/vocalist duo Paige Lopynski and Daniel Litman–have continued their rapid rise to stardom since meeting in their shared hometown Fairfax, VA, then on to Miami where they formed the group, and toured extensively throughout Florida building their fanbase. Now, they are currently based in Los Angeles. Their debut EP Wanted captured the hearts and minds of millions with their leadoff single “Bass Jam” topping the charts at #1 for seven weeks straight and accumulating millions of streams on Spotify. BONNIE X CLYDE took their success on the road, embarking on a rigorous touring schedule both nationally and internationally.  BONNIE X CLYDE have undoubtedly positioned themselves for a monumental year in 2020 with their new musical direction lending more towards pop-mainstream based tracks. Continuing to takeover new markets, their fan base “The Rosegang” has grown exponentially worldwide. Spotify and Apple Music identified BONNIE X CLYDE as an act to look out for and the duo has been featured in several premiere music playlists including Crate Diggers, Fresh Electronic, New Music Friday, Best of the Week & A-List Dance.   Following up on their highly anticipated While We’re Young EP, BONNIE X CLYDE signed with Ultra Music.  Their latest single “Love Is Killing Me” follows the release of “Dirty Thoughts” and “Atypical.” In addition, BONNIE X CLYDE have recently introduced “The Getaway Series,” a new in-motion live stream series highlighting beautiful and scenic locations, starting off with showcasing areas of the State of California. The first episode was filmed while DJing in the back of a custom top-down vehicle while driving down Pacific Coast Highway in and around Malibu Canyon. Read more on BONNIE X CLYDE from recent interviews with LA WEEKLY and Miami New Times.


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