DESTRUCTO & MISINGO (Doorly & Colour Castle) New Single “This Is Our Home” Out Today on All My Friends

Destructo Teams Up With Misingo On Infectious New House Heater ...

DESTRUCTO has teamed up with MISINGO for the latest single for All My Friends “This Is Our Home,” a track dedicated to our planet reminding us we only have one Earth and we need to protect it.  

Listen to DESTRUCTO & MISINGO’s “This Is Our Home” now: 

MISINGO–the trans-Pacific collaboration project between U.K. born/Ibiza based world-renowned house music producer Doorly and super talented, multi–instrumentalists’ Australian duo Colour Castle aka Christian Pillot and Casper Tromp–and DESTRUCTO deliver an intergalactic space age disco jam perfect for intimate late night back yard dance parties or music streams set to gaze at with your favorite lava lamp and black light poster. 

“This Is Our Home” follows MISINGO’s release “Disco Bango” and DESTRUCTO’s “Guest Room” with Bruno Furlan featuring Dances With White Girls on All My Friends.  Look for more dance floor treats to come from AMF soon. 

For more information on DESTRUCTO, visit:

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