Crimer returns to Ultra with new single ‘Eyes Off Me’

Intriguing Swiss artist ​Crimer ​returns with new single​ ‘Eyes Off Me’​, out now on ​Ultra​.

Listen here

First without his centre-piece haircut and now without his infamous baritone, ​Crimer once again proves that sometimes it feels good when you put aside your trademark for a little while as he shows off the soft side of his voice wrapped in a fresh electronic gown.

Re-inventing himself and channeling an 80s pop vibe into something fresh and exciting, ​‘Eyes Off Me’ allows ​Crimer​’s effortless vocals to take centre stage amongst rousing retro synths. It follows February’s ​‘Baby’ ​EP.

Crimer ​reached ​#2 in the Swiss charts with debut album ​Leave Me Baby​, later winning ‘Best Talent’ at the ​Swiss Music Awards 2018​. He then signed to ​Ultra ​where he has released a steady stream of head-turning output.

Another 80s-themed single, ​Crimer ​is proving that it’s sometimes necessary to look back the way in order to move forward.

To find out more about ​Crimer​, go to:
Facebook​ |​ ​Instagram

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