Berlin’s Kat Koan Returns with playful new visual for ‘Silly Me’

Kat Koan's kiss-off electro jam 'Silly Me' is the anthem we need ...

Berlin based alt-pop mistress Kat Koan, returns with a stunning showcase of playful alt-pop with the arrival of ‘Silly Me’, a confessional thought-piece laced with acerbic humour and nods to 90s riot grrrl electro-clash. 

Kat details the track: “It was written for an ex who had unfortunately forgotten to tell me that he was married to someone else. The subsequent heartache knocked me sideways but I didn’t want the song to be angry. It’s meant to encourage women to find the confidence to get over it, move on and emerge as a stronger person.”

Watch Here :

Koan’s 2019 EP ‘Lustfire’ drew accoaldes from tastemaker press with Mixmag describing it as a ‘caustic slice of militaristic electroclash inspired by the likes of Miss Kitten and Goldfrapp’. An artist with an overload of passion for expressing emotions that have been pent up for a little while,  Kat’s cartharsis was vented through music and visuals. That urge to create was only unlocked after an unexpected and somewhat life-changing experience.

She was enjoying a successful career in TV production, but the flawlessly functioning wheel came to a halt when a burnout triggered an inability to sleep. Stranded on Island Insomnia, things got a little tough and she turned to a hypnotherapist for help. That fateful meeting unleashed a strong passion for music and lyrics that she never knew existed inside of her. Since then not a single night goes by without spending all waking hours tinkering, writing, filming, recording.

This caught the attention of Dean Hurley, who is best known for his work as David Lynch’s Music Supervisor. He identified with something in the music and offered to mix the album. His moody fingerprints helped to bring the best out of the music.

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