Goldbrg ‘How To Dance’

Goldbrg presents his latest studio output, "How To Dance" | The ...

Hot off the back of his debut release, ‘Feel This Good’ – which continues to light up worldwide. Goldbrg touches back down with his anticipated follow up cut, ‘How To Dance’.

Building on the success of both ‘Feel This Good’ & his quarantine DJ sets (Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens) – which continue to attract large online audiences. It’s now the turn of Goldbrg’s latest studio output, ‘How To Dance’ – to take up centre stage.

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With its infectious groove & catchy vocal hook – ‘How To Dance’ embodies much of Goldbrg’s increasingly trademark house sound.

Once again delivering a cut bearing the hallmarks of a future sure-fire player, Goldbrg continues to establish himself on the global scene.

Hold tight.

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