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BOB MOSES Announce New Project ‘Desire’ Out August 28 on Domino – Single/Interactive video for “Desire” with ZHU Out Now

Bob Moses announce 'Desire' and share title track with ZHU, plus...


Bob Moses (Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance) have announced their next release: a concept record for the club. Presented over six continuously mixed tracks, Desiredue out August 28, 2020 on Domino—is a love tale for the digital age: all about the positives and pitfalls of humanity’s driving wants, especially in these technology-driven times.

 The title track, a hypnotic late-night collaboration with Grammy-nominated electronic musician ZHU, is out now with an interactive video directed by Owen Brown (creative agency CTRL5) and animation by Airplan Studio. The video is hosted on interactive streaming company Eko’s platform, with interactive production help from Particle3, and uses anaglyph imagery to display two different sides of desire. With the press of a button, viewers can switch between worlds of ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain’, manipulating a beating heart into a burning fire, lipstick into a bullet, joy into despair. It’s a deft and delicate dive into the ups and downs of desire.

Bob Moses announce 'Desire,' a new release due out August 28, 2020 ...

Watch the interactive video for Bob Moses & Zhu’s “Desire” here: Embed the interactive “Desire” video with the code below (or at the bottom of this press release):

Watch a non-interactive version of the “Desire” video on Youtube: to “Desire” now here:

After making their second album 2018’s Battle Lines, which focused on a tighter, more traditional song structure and touring that around the world in their full band format, Bob Moses set off on a European club tour as their original two piece setup, which served as an inspiration for their next musical offering.  “It was great being back in that environment and feeling the communal energy,” Vallance says.  Feeling inspired, studio time was booked while still on tour. “We wanted to make something that was continuously mixed, something that would take the listener on a journey and replicate that feeling we try to create when we’re playing our sets in a club,” says Howie.

As the ideas coalesced, they realized there was a thematic through line: desire, and the ways it presents itself in our current world. “Desire can become quite destructive if you’re not self-aware. With this record, we’re trying to be self-aware by looking at our own desires and reckoning with them,” says Vallance. “Stories about desire are timeless: Icarus flying too close to the sun and ending up falling to his death…that idea inspired the falling man on the album cover. That symbolized to us how desire can lead to a downfall.”

Howie adds, “We’ve appreciated the worlds created in concept records from bands like Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails. We thought it would be interesting to combine that kind of songwriting with the flow of modern electronic music.”  

Vallance and Howie started Bob Moses in 2012 and signed to Domino two years later. Their 2015 debut album Days Gone By featured the track “Tearing Me Up”, which was nominated for two GRAMMYs, with the RAC remix taking home the trophy for “Best Remix Recording (Non-Classical).”  The duo, a perennial festival favorite, has repeatedly been minted by Resident Advisor as Best Live Act (2014, 2015). 2018’s Battle Lines spawned the hit single “Back Down”, which led to a performance on Ellen; the record was named one of Billboard’s “Best Electronic Albums of 2018.”  Following Battle Lines, Bob Moses released Battle Lines [Remixed], featuring remixes from the likes of Hayden James, Jamie Jones and Cassian, as well as Unplugged, an acoustic EP of songs from Battle Lines and other repertoire favorites.

Now, with the world in quarantine, Bob Moses has been staying connected with fans through a weekly livestreamed DJ set on YouTube, dubbed the “Bobcast.”  

To celebrate the launch of Desire, Bob Moses will play a B2B set with Blacklizt (a project by ZHU) as part of Insomniac’s Factory 93 “Secret Project Livestream” this Friday, July 17 at 4pm PT. Tune in here:

Desire is available to pre-order now on limited edition black and clear smoke 12″ vinyl from Domino here:

Bob Moses announce 'Desire,' a new release due out August 28, 2020 ...
Track Listing for Desire:
1. “Love We Found”
2. “The Blame”
3. “Desire” with Zhu
4. “Hold Me Up”
5. “Outlier”
6. “Ordinary Day”