Lido drops cosmic alt-pop gem ‘Rise’

Lido Explains How New Song 'Rise" Is All About The Beauty Of ...

Taken from new album ‘PEDER’ 

Lido writes original children’s book ‘A Boy On A Spaceship’ that inspired the ‘Rise’ music video

Fast rising producer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Lido is pleased to announce details of his new single ‘Rise’ out now through Because TV. Boasting an array of fluttering pop hooks, the infectious new track delivers Lido’s signature brand of artful production, and marks the third instalment from his highly anticipated new album PEDER, set for release this autumn.

He says: “The song is about meeting someone and being so infatuated with them that they almost seem too good to be true,” Lido says. “That feeling of wanting to stay up all night and learn as much about the person as you can.”

The storyline of the ‘Rise’ official music video is set as the continuation to the upcoming children’s book, ‘A Boy On A Spaceship’ written by Lido himself, and is confirmed to release along with the album later this fall. The storybook unfolds a unique day in the life of Peder on his spaceship, with each page dedicated to a song from the upcoming album. Set at sunrise on a distant planet, the video follows Peder as he finds himself away from the spaceship for the first time in search of music.

“Do you portray anyone?”
“Cause I’m high all day when I’m on your love”
“But how do you capture the big picture?”
“Who do you follow when your phone dies?”
“Will you stick around until the sunrise?”

Lido - Rise
PEDER Track List:
01. “Yellow Bike”
02. “Rise”
03. “Please Fasten Your Seatbelt”
04. “Grouptext”
05. “Layaway”
06. “5 Songs”
07. “Bliss”
08. “University”
09. “How To Do Nothing”
10. “Best4U”
11. “Postclubridehomemusic”
12. “Pure”

Ranking in over 1-million listens per month on Spotify, Lido’s trajectory as a solo artist continues to climb. While slowly amassing a significant fanbase, he continues to collaborate with a long list of modern superstars including Halsey, Chance The Rapper, Banks, Jaden Smith, JoJo and Skrillex to name a few.  Recently, Lido produced on JoJo’s latest effort good to know, which hit #1 on Billboard’s R&B’s album chart; and he produced six tracks on Halsey’s 2020 album, Manic, which ranked at #2 on the Billboard Top 200. 
‘Rise’ is the third single from Lido’s upcoming album PEDER, set for release this September – track list below. Watch the official music video HERE.

Reveals cosmic alt-pop gem ‘RISE’ out now via Because TV


Raised in a small Norwegian town, Lido discovered music through his dad’s passion for gospel and soul. He played drums religiously until the age of ten when he picked up piano and learned how to record. Thousands of hours later, he found himself in the studio alongside some of the world’s most influential artists. As a producer and remixer, he amassed a diverse discography, spanning everyone from Chance The Rapper, Jaden Smith, Ella Mai, Towkio, and Banks to Alt-J, Bastille, Disclosure, and Halsey. Lido has built a critically acclaimed solo catalog, including the I Love You EP [2014], Superspeed EP [2015], full-length debut Everything [2016], and I O U 1 EP and I O U 2 EP in 2018. Following Life of Peder (his internet-breaking re-interpretation of Kanye West’s Life of Pablo), he distilled Kids See Ghosts by Kanye West and Kid Cudi into the seven-minute kidsloveghosts. Not to mention, he lent his voice to Petit Biscuit’s “Problems,” tallying over 42 million Spotify streams to date.  Amidst this whirlwind, Lido recently completed architecting his highly anticipated forthcoming full-length fall release, his Sophomore album, PEDER.

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