Danny Serrano ‘The Future’

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On July 24th, leading Madrid artist Danny Serrano is back with a second single from his forthcoming Craft album. Entitled The Future, it follows on from the first single in fine style. 

The Future from Serrano's Kitchen on Beatport

Artist: Danny Serrano

Title: The Future

Label: Serrano’s Kitchen

Release Date: 25th July. Full album in September

Catalogue Number: SEK023

Beatport Stream/Pre-Order :


This fantastic new album was created in Serrano’s Kitchen, the artist’s own recording studio and label. After having worked for big labels such as Desolat, Truesoul, Circus Recordings, Saved Records and more over many years, the album finds Danny switching up his sound and broadening his horizons with new depth. It shows he has grown in the studio and is not only pigeonholed as a tech house artist. Instead he is someone who can do real melody, work with vocals, bring warm grooves and take you on a trip on the dance floor. 

Second single The Future is an atmospheric track with dark, loopy drums. The chattery claps drive it along and spectacular synths explode out of the mix to bring real energy and colour, This one is sure to get hands in the air and is another fine single as well as top teaser before the full album. 
Third single Bimba will follow soon and ensure that this summer, the unique Danny Serrano sound is impossible to escape.



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