Atari releases mobile video game, ‘Beat Legend: AVICII’

Atari Releases Beat Legend: AVICII for iOS and Android | Invision ...

In the two-plus years since the loss of Avicii, every passing second has further accentuated just how impactful the Swedish legend’s music truly was. Following the June announcement of plans for The Avicii Experience, a forthcoming tribute museum that will celebrate the late artist’s life and career, Avicii’s name has returned to the news cycle at the hand of Atari. The internationally renowned entertainment company has announced the immediate release of the newly-created video game, Beat Legend: AVICII.

In collaboration with Hello Games, which provided support for Wired Productions’ Avicii Invector video game in 2019, as well as the Tim Bergling Foundation, Atari has designed the debut rhythm-action game and interactive music platform. Beat Legend: AVICII allows mobile users to play along using responsive touch controls in tandem with 15 everlasting Avicii staples, including “Levels,” “Wake Me Up,” and “The Nights,” in addition to a handful of music from his posthumous LP, TIM. Atari’s Tony Chien provided a statement with the mobile game’s release, describing Atari’s ambition to pair dance music and video games:

“Atari is thrilled to again step into new territory and expand our portfolio. And what an honor it is to do so with an artist as profoundly inspirational, talented, and beloved as Avicii. Beat Legend: AVICII has been a labor of love that we fully expect will be embraced by fans of rhythm-based games and devoted EDM fans alike.

Stay tuned for more installments in Atari’s music-based game series that will feature some of the brightest current and up-and-coming stars from diverse music genres.” 

Beat Legend: AVICII is available now on both the App Store and Google Play. All music royalties will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation.

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