The Ella Sisters share inspirational visual for ‘Miss The Most’

The Ella Sisters - Miss The Most [Music Video Review] — LA On Lock

Taken from debut EP ‘Queens’ due 28th August

Kristiansand based twins The Ella Sisters return with an introspective, confessional thought-piece in the form of indie-folk jam ‘Miss The Most’, lifted from the duo’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Queens’ due to drop this August. 

The twins create mesmeric, all out indie-pop infused with 90s nostalgia evident on their debut track ‘Cars’ and reveal their emotive palette with ‘Miss The Most’. The girls say: “This song expresses the feeling of losing someone who isn’t good for you, and realising that the things you miss are actually everything around them. It is an honest and raw glimpse into the realisation that you sometimes have to let go of the beautiful things in a relation, to be able to let go of the painful ones.”

Growing up along the scenic southern coast of Norway, twins Maren and Charlotte have had space for creativity and writing. Drawing inspiration from the landscape around them, their music is imbibed with tons of energy, honest lyrics, big choruses, and harmonies within a playful and captivating pop soundscape. The duo’s songs are inspired by being young and questioning the world we live in, delving into topics of identity, mental health, being underestimated and finding confidence in yourself. A combination of courage and tenderness, the band have played showcases in the UK and Norway, a fresh act making their mark in 2020.

“This EP is representing the feelings that made us want to start a pop band. It was written through experiences we wanted to talk about, with some subjects that we could not let go of: sisterhood, empowerment, friendship, love, underestimation, and self-worth. It was after we had written the songs, that we realized it is all about undressing any behaviour that is no good for you. It is about following your heart. And it is about real friendship. How important it is to have each other´s back.” – The Ella Sisters

TikTok: @theellasisters

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