ASHS Drops New Track “My Ex”

ASHS Premieres The Tongue-In-Cheek Music Video For "My Ex"

Pulling back the curtain, Juno award nominated, multi-platinum selling artist Alyssa Reid reveals her identity and artistic versatility. ASHS was created as an exploration into a new sonic territory. Over the past few years, the 26-year-old artist has been honing her craft; becoming the go-to songwriter for artists like bülow (“Not A Love Song”) and Virginia to Vegas (“Selfish”), now recasting her signature smoky vocals to form the foundation of her most ambitious project to date.

ASHS - My Ex

Listen Here :

ASHS‘ newest single, “My Ex,” is both an exploration and a revelation. For most people, time heals all wounds. For ASHS, songwriting does. Gone are the days where she would sit and write sad songs about how he broke my heart. Turns out, life went on and she’s fine.

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