Moscow Music Week 2020 to announce dates and first wave of line-up

Со 2 по 5 сентября в Москве пройдет Moscow Music Week 2020

Moscow Music Week is 4-days-long showcase festival and conference from 2th to 5th September, with offline and online programs, the only festival format event in 2020 in Moscow.

The main part of the festival will be held in the usual format of showcases, which lets hosting the festival according to all actual norms for events. Also, this year both musical and educational programs will get an online part, where festival visitors would hear performances from Budapest, Minsk and various Russian cities within live-streams.

  • «We’ve decided to make the festival despite all the difficulties and restrictions. It’s more than important to support local scene in this difficult year, identify the lessons and discuss industry’s perspectives. It’s sad that apparently this year we’ll be the only ones to run such event, but we’re very motivated by the fact, that at least this one will happen», — says Stepan Kazaryan, MMW founder and «Bol» festival cofounder.

First wave artists: Lalalar (TUR), Soyuz (BLR), Gnoomes, Bad Zu, FARDI, Lutic, USSSY, Archanga, Lucidvox, Zaur Nagoev, [Beat] him up, Donatello!, Autosport, Shark’s Tears, KnightKnights,  Avramova!, Pozory, Rosemary Loves A Blackberry, Starost, Supruga, The OMY, Tyagotenie,  JRPJEJ, Zorki Vo, The RIG, Tapenight, Klinika, Dead Head, Tvar’
Separately worth mentioning festival’s headliner — psychedelic music at the junction between rock and electronic with heavy influence of traditional motifs — Turkish band Lalalar, which will be one of the few foreign bands visiting Russia this pandemic year.

Participation in Moscow Music Week for the musicians is not only the opportunity to perform at one of the main stages of Moscow, but also a chance to get an attention from the promoters, music journalists, labels and booking agencies representatives. In 2019 festival team received over 500 musical part applications and more than 200 applications to the conference.

  • Stepan Kazaryan«MMW kick-started lots of young musicians who now get sold outs. MMW 2020 guests will be the first to hear musicians, who will become leading voices of the scene in a couple of years».

Conference program, also divided into offline and online parts, will gather various Russian speakers and foreign colleagues, who will participate within video calls. Over the years different music journalists, festival organizers and labels representatives took part in the conference program. MMW 2020 conference leitmotif are digital communications.

List of festival’s stages well-known among Muscovites includes Powerhouse, Chinese Pilot Jao Da, Aglomerat, RNDM, Vermel, Punk Fiction etc., which will be distributed into 4 geographic zones for the convenience of moving between MMW showcases.

There are 2 types of tickets available:

* Ultimate Pass — 1 500₽ and gives an access to all showcases, festival opening and closing events
* Delegate Pass — 2 500₽ and includes all showcases, festival opening and closing events and 2 conference days.





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