Noir ‘Pneuma’ Noir Music

Noir - Pneuma / NM002 » Electrobuzz
Artist(s): Noir
Title: Pneuma
Record Label: Noir Music
Cat:Number: NM002
Release Date: 24th July 2020

Tracklisting : 1) Pneuma 12) Pneuma 23) Pneuma 3

Sometimes I feel something unfamiliar inside of me is screaming to get out. It makes me feel claustrophobic to suppress and keep it on hold. Then music takes the first step and I take the next. It almost feels like the tracks are writing themselves and I am just there to record. But obviously it comes from a place inside my soul. Pneuma 1 came to life in a situation like that.

On the journey Pneuma 2 and 3 started breathing as well and eventually I created and finished all three versions at the same time. These are some dark, aggressive pieces but if you listen carefully you hear hope and optimism between the beats.

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