Honey Dijon Feat. Hadiya George “Not About You” Official Music Video

Not About You (Extended Mix) | Honey Dijon featuring Hadiya George ...

Featuring vocalist Hadiya George, the saucy house track “Not About You” is the first single from Honey Dijon’s forthcoming sophomore LP Black Girl Magic. Its video celebrating the queer people of color who inhabit clubland and according to a press release, “the importance of safe spaces for QPOC and the very real threat they face.” This message is doubled down on with the lyrics, which emphasize that it is neither about you, nor is it about me, but that it is in fact about us.

Director: Corece / Ciaran McCusker Executive Producer: Cat Cook Art Director: Ciaran McCusker Compositing & Editing: Ciaran McCusker Layout and Character Design: Marie Houssin, Mathias Lemaitre Sgard 2D Animation: Marie Houssin, Mathias Lemaitre Sgard, Ciaran McCuske Supplement Animation: Paul Raillard

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