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An Update on the EIS and Black Rock City 2020 | Burning Man Journal

Burning Man: Art on Fire is the latest project from filmmaker Gerald Fox

A trailer for the forthcoming Burning Man documentary has been released.

Following the launch of Kindling, Burning Man’s non-profit virtual events platform, in May this year, the trailer for the upcoming Burning Man: Art on Fire documentary has been shared on Youtube.

Available exclusively via the platform, Art on Fire is a documentary about the intrinsic link between the arts and the flagship Nevada festival, and is the latest project from filmmaker Gerald Fox and producer Sophia Swire.

Elsewhere on Kindling, five “actions” will be presented on the site – Gather, Experience, Play, Co-Learn, and Ignite – with different experiences and digital events curated, each focussing on different elements of Burning Man’s famed culture and creative ethos. Virtual parties, performances, more screenings and talks will take place on the channel, with Burning Man fans and community members being able to get involved and host their own events as well as enjoying those curated by Burning Man itself. 

You can check out the trailer for the film, which will premiere on August 15th & 16th, below.

After weeks of deliberation and uncertainty, which culminated in the postponement of the Burning Man annual gathering’s main ticket sale earlier this month, the announcement was made on 10th April that Burning Man 2020 would not be going ahead due to ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic.