Anna Tur presents “On Air with Anna Tur”

Anna Tur’s new radio adventure after her departure from Ibiza Global Radio will mark the beginning of a very important phase in her career.

Anna Tur‘s artistic career began in 2010 although her link with music goes back to her childhood. Her name has appeared on line ups at some of the best underground clubs in Spain, which has helped her reach international recognition, now performing at the best clubs and festivals around five continents.

Besides being a DJ, Anna Tur was Ibiza Global Radio Tv’s General Manager, one of the most important radio/TV stations dedicated to advanced music in the world, for 16 years. A journey that came to an end last May to give space to new projects.

One of them is “On Air with Anna Tur”, a new radio show. In this program, the artist from Ibiza will present her favorite music of the moment and the artists she likes the most. Soon it will also feature influential international guests. The program will be broadcast on nearly a hundred internationally influential radio stations around the world such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Colombia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Austria, Portugal, France, Belgium, Israel, Chile and  Argentina, amongst others that will be added in the coming months. In addition, each week the show will be available in podcast format on iTunesSpotify and PodBean and can be downloaded for free

Taking into account her facet as an entrepreneur, her charisma as a DJ and her incessant energy, momentum and enthusiasm for each project, there is no doubt that this new adventure will soon become one of the most important ones in Anna’s career

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