Miley Cyrus Is Back! Debuts New Song “Midnight Sky” Alongside A Self-Directed Music Video

Watch: Miley Cyrus releases self-directed music video for ...

Global superstar, Miley Cyrus unveiled “Midnight Sky,” a track that showcases a new direction for the always evolving artist.  The song, which was inspired by the past year of her life, is accompanied by a video that Miley self-directed.

MILEY CYRUS is back, debuts new song 'MIDNIGHT SKY' -
Listen to “Midnight Sky” HERE via RCA Records
Watch the video HERE

In creating the song & video, Miley drew from strong female musical icons, like Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and Debbie Harry, who have always been so generous, and have been her greatest allies and inspiration.  The video showcases Miley as her true self: unapologetic, diverse, sexy, confident, experimental, and strong.

The video takes viewers through Miley’s creative vision which displays her complete control of the narrative often told thru the mouths of the media. Miley is at peace with who she is and has nothing to prove. As a musician she continues to push boundaries and experiment with her sound and look.  Miley has proven to be many things, but boring is not one of them.

“Midnight Sky” signifies the next step in her artistic evolution.

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