SHIGETO Remixes Vincenzo Ramaglia’s single ‘La parole 6’

SHIGETO Remixes Vincenzo Ramaglia's single // SOUNDS LIKE: Nosaj ...

Renowned Detroit-based musician SHIGETO has remixed ‘La parole 6’, originally by leftfield experimental IDM artist Vincenzo Ramaglia. Premiered via Self-titled, the remix will be released on 21st August via PEM Records. SHIGETO, one of Ghostly International’s leading artists, has already seen support from major tastemaker publications including Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, Mixmag, Dancing Astronaut, and Exclaim! to name a few. The artist has also been featured by Worldwide FM, hosted his own 2-hour show on the station and received airplay on BBC Radio 1 with a Guest mix for Benji B and features by Monki and B.Traits, BBC Radio 6’s Huey Show, Mary Anne Hobbs and BBC Radio 3’s Soweto Kinch. SHIGETO has been featured on several noteworthy Youtube channels including Majestic Casual, Boiler Room and KEXP and is currently sitting at an impressive play count of just under 30 million across streaming platforms. 

SHIGETO Remixes Vincenzo Ramaglia's single // SOUNDS LIKE: Nosaj ...
‘La parole 6’
LABEL: PEM Records

LISTEN: Vincenzo Ramaglia – ‘La parole 6 (Shigeto remix)’ 

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The original track appears on Vincenzo Ramaglia’s album La parole, which featured the well-known songstress Laure Le Prunenec (lead singer of French band Igorrr who supported Ministry on their 2018 North American tour). The album also features the single, ‘La parole 5’ which was remixed by the legendary Planet Mu label head, μ-Ziq. Ramaglia’s work has been featured several tastemaker publications including PopMatters CLASH Magazine, Son Of Marketing, Vents Magazine, and XS Noize amongst others. He has also seen support from main web and paper music magazines of the Italian scene – including Ondarock, Rockerilla, Blow Up, Sentireascoltare, and Rumore.

With a solid academic, orchestral and humanistic background, Roman composer and electronic musician Vincenzo Ramaglia is currently active in what he calls PEM (Popular Experimental Music), often in collaboration with exponents of the music avant-garde. In Ramaglia’s music the most restless and elusive rhythms of IDM can be traced, analog sequences composed on the machines all manipulated in real-time, handling the setup as a musical instrument, with echoes of Autechre, Björk, Arvo Pärt, Radiohead and Sigur Rós.

Shigeto received a diet of Michigan-bred music throughout his upbringing, as his father spoon-fed him old Motown and jazz records. However, his own contemporary sound sits in closer comparison to the likes of Nosaj Thing, Teebs and Daedelus.

Featuring the distorted and disassembled vocals of Laure Le Prunenec, the ‘La parole 6 (Shigeto Remix)’ uses steady basslines and ethereal melodies to entice the listener, drawing them into an unknown world. Working with some of Vincenzo Ramaglia’s darker notes from the album, Shigeto provides a “give and take” balancing act to the single, like a pendulum swinging from side to side and entrancing the listener. While the original discomforts pushes musical boundaries, the remix draws the single back to more standard sonic associations, evening the equilibrium. 

Speaking of the remix, Shigeto tells us: “La parole 6 was a pleasure to rework. I have always enjoyed remixing any music with an ambient approach that incorporates some sort of live instrumentation. It gives me a lot of freedom to take it anywhere.” 

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