BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Las Vegas Edition 2021

BigCityBeats - News

Worldwide advance ticket sales start next Friday

Artists booked for 2020 have now been confirmed for 2021

Bringing you all genres of club music in a festival area 700,000 square meters in size

A true sense of Las Vegas in Europe – following a year of immobility and stagnation, the resurrection of global entertainment beckons!

“Cancelled’, “Corona’, “Covid-19′ and “Pandemic’ are terms that will undoubtedly make the top five of the German “unword 2020′ list. But particularly in these rather unpredictable times, it is important to look beyond our current reality. And know that things will get better. “Corona will be over at some point, says BigCityBeats Managing Director Bernd Breiter. “And then we will celebrate more intensely, extensively and enjoy life much more than we have ever before, predicts the Frankfurt family focused entrepreneur. “That is exactly why we at BigCityBeats continue to plan our events. We firmly expect the world’s largest club to take place in early June. And you can rest assured, it will a very special festival.

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