LMNL delves into experimental pop with ‘Outliar’

Taken from eponymous debut 5-track EP due this August

LMNL (Simon Batten) teases experimental, alt-pop with ‘Outliar’, the final single from his debut eponymous EP released with Upcycled Sounds Records this August.

Lyrics – Simon Batten
Music – Simon Batten
Lead vocals and synths – Simon Batten
Backing vocals – Cecilia Casini and Hannah Jacobs
Production and arrangement – Simon Batten and Upcycled Sounds
Mixing – Upcycled Sounds
Mastering – Felix Davis at Metropolis Studios

‘Outliar’ is a stomping rebuke of our own tendencies to make pretend. Intensity escapes out of every part of this track, from the bass lines to the build ups, no prisoners are taken.

Batten explains: “It’s not really a spoiler to say that this song speaks about social anxiety, and how we keep forcing ourselves into situations that make us feel awkward and ‘other’. We intentionally tried to make part of the song uncomfortable to reflect this tension.”

LMNL, a new project from Simon Batten, emerged from the Oxford, UK scene before moving to Florence, Italy. His prolific output of songs, projects and collaborations have been met with critical acclaim, including multiple top 20 placements in global dance charts and 8 in the Beatport Charts for ‘Roda’ with Glowal. He has opened for James Walsh, The Veils, Verdana and Thegiornalisti, and his music has been spun around the world by DJs including Solomun, Agoria, Brina Knauss, Adriatique and Tale of Clubs.

LMNL is now honing a bewitching solo sound drawing on diverse influences across electronica, krautrock, Americana and turntablist producers, alongside pop lyricism and bittersweet, deeply personal lyrics. LMNL’s debut eponymous EP continues in his intimate yet collaborative style. Poignant vocals and detailed synthscapes were home-recorded, before being arranged and produced by Nicholas O’Brien and Hannah Jacobs at Upcycled Sounds Studio in the UK. The EP features vocals from actor Cecilia Casini, who Simon had met and sung with during his English Language teaching at Teatro della Toscana. The record will be released on Upcycled Sounds Records this August.




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