BROOKLXN’s Energetic New Single “Thirsty”

BROOKLXN Releases Energetic New Single 'Thirsty'

Her debut solo track, “Thirsty,” is infused with a reggae vibe that is guaranteed to put you in the perfect, feel-good mood for summertime. 

Listen in via Soundcloud:

Fearless, spice and everything nice – Australian/Maltese, Toronto based singer-songwriter, BROOKLXN, is known for her energy, confidence and bubbly personality. Effortlessly melding the worlds of R&B and pop music, BROOKLXN‘s lyrics speak truthfully about heartbreak, mental health, self-love, female empowerment and body positivity.

BROOKLXN is all about being real and raw and making her viewers feel like they are riding the wave with her, she makes this obvious through her social media platforms as she takes us on her journey and gives us a glimpse into her personal life and what she gets up to on a day-day basis. BROOKLXN is truly fearless and exemplifies this in her on stage presence and through her brutally honest lyrics, certain to have you singing along by the second chorus. BROOKLXN is so excited to finally be sharing her original music that she has been writing in the studio for the past year. Her highly anticipated solo debut will dominate the market in 2020.

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