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The Australian dance-pop group Haiku Hands recently announced their highly anticipated, self-titled debut album will be out September 10th on Mad Decent. Today, the trio share the video to their high-energy dance banger “Fashion Model Art (Feat. SOFI TUKKER).” Watch the video HERE. Digital pre-order for Haiku Hands HERE.

The video was directed by Jasmin Tarasin who said: “Haiku Hands are in fact a wonderful collide of Fashion , Model , Art in the very best way . It was so inspiring to be able to play and create with these women in collaboration with our combined creative community . I enjoyed the process so much and feel that the fun and beauty we found is seen on screen. We had the very best time.

Haiku Hands had this to say about the track: “The chorus of ‘Fashion Model Art’ was created on the train coming home from the Sydney Biennale. It was the moment we swapped from being our composed observant art critiques to our boisterous playful selves. We ended up having half the carriage chanting fashion fashion, model model, art art art art on the train.

This song celebrates the fashion model art character within ourselves. We revel in the hilarious, tense, fun, ridiculous and utmost seriousness of these moments.

SOFI TUKKER jumped on this song after we toured with them for a month in the US.

We ask ourselves, what should we do with our hands?”

“We met Haiku Hands on tour in Australia.” says SOFI TUKKER, “After seeing them literally once live, we immediately asked them to go on tour with us. We’ve been good friends ever since. It was so fun working on this track with them. We love how they build in humor and choreography into their music. “

Rebellious, experimental and wildly unconventional, Haiku Hands was primarily recorded in Melbourne with Joel Ma (Joelistics) and features emblematic collaborations with SOFI TUKKER, Mad Zach, Machine Drum, Mirac, Elgusto of Hermitude and Lewis CanCut.  Featuring lead singles “Not About You,” “Manbitch” and “Onset,” the 12-track LP probes themes including technology, relationships, the absurd and social commentary.  “The record explores an attitude of empowerment, humour and positivity whilst also delving into darker themes and expressions. We aimed to be original in our creative choices, we were influenced by multiple genres and artists but were aiming to create something that sounded new and different,” muses Haiku Hands of the album. Pre-order Haiku Hands HERE

Haiku Hands Tracklist:

01. Not About You

02. Manbitch

03. Sunride

04. Jupiter

05. Fashion Model Art (feat. SOFI TUKKER)

06. Onset (feat. Mad Zach)

07. Eat This Bass

08. Car Crash

09. Super Villain

10. Mechanical Animal

11. I See You Baby

12. Morning Becomes

More on Haiku Hands:

2019 saw Haiku Hands make their way to the US for the first time, winning over audiences nationwide with a series of shows at SXSW, tour support for feminist Japanese punk quartet CHAI across both coasts, opening for Aussie psych kingpins Tame Impala, Chicago rapper CupcaKke, footwork producer DJ Taye and a tour with dance duo SOFI TUKKER.

Based across Melbourne and Sydney, the core of Haiku Hands is Beatrice Lewis, Claire Nakazawa and Mie Nakazawa. Together, they curate, perform and work as a collective of artists, engaging and exploring social norms with their lyrical and visual content. Their influences range from hip-hop to pop, electronic to dance, and everything beyond.

Haiku Hands have brought their singular, rebellious, and outright fun sound across multiple continents over the past two years. On the heel of their breakthrough performances at the UK’s Great Escape, Haiku Hands has been touted by NME as “Australia’s most electrifying pop prospect” and “a thrilling pop hybrid” who combine the pure pop attitude of Charli XCX with the energy and swagger of The Beastie Boys.

With their debut album right around the corner, stay tuned for more exciting news and infectious tunes from Haiku Hands.


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