Macon and SOLON release ID-smashing ‘Tell Me’ on Heldeep Records

Macon and SOLON release ID-smashing 'Tell Me' on Heldeep Records |

Rising star of Heldeep Records, Macon, teams up with UK-charting producer SOLON and vocalist chacel for a delicious marriage of new and old skool flavours on hot new belter ‘Tell Me’.


chacel’s sultry vocal sets the tone amidst bubbling, muted synth arpeggios in the intro before the track blasts into life with a stuttered bassline groove, techy percussion and atmospheric synth brass blasts by Macon & SOLON. The mood is at once dramatic, uplifting and melancholy, the chord progression twisting and turning delightfully. The breakdown invokes the feel of classic trance with its brooding vibe and spine-tingling riffs, and the vocal also recalls the heyday of the Euro sound, fitting perfectly into the mix and making for the perfect foil to the melodic tapestry beneath. 
Heldeep label boss Oliver Heldens premiered the track during Tomorrowland’s Around The World virtual festival event to huge acclaim, the tracklist of which hit #2 on’s ‘Most Watched ID’ chart. There’s a huge demand for this track and it looks set to be another smash for the label and this formidable pairing of producers.

Macon & SOLON featuring chacel – ‘Tell Me’ is out now on Heldeep Records

SOLON is the new kid in town. Within a short time, he locked in releases on several a-list labels. He chooses to hide behind his humble hoody in order to direct all the attention to his music while focusing on expressing emotions and feelings that enable enjoying the present moment.

With powerful and inventive tracks, SOLON has created a unique capacity to fuel both intimate dancefloors and massive clubs with contagious energy and drive.
International superstar Oliver Heldens founded Heldeep Records to create a platform to showcase the new music of budding producers after receiving 1000s of demos. Since 2014, Heldeep Records has grown from a modest imprint into a fully-fledged label, featuring respected mainstay acts like ALOK, Chocolate Puma, & Dada Life as well as hosting stages at leading festivals across the globe like Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Electric Forest, Spring Awakening Music Festival and South West Four. Heldeep artists are showcased weekly on Heldeep Radio, which is syndicated across 91 stations, in 66 countries and reaches 118 million people a week.

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