X. Ari shares focus track ‘Lifting Up’ + EP

X. ARI Dances into October with new music video As you Are – Drop The  Spotlight

Toronto born songstress X. ARI deftly dances in and out of genre lines, moving from enchanting alternative pop to gritty hip-hop production under a cover of electronic elegance. 

Check out the focus track ‘Lifting Up’ on Soundcloud or Spotify

Listen to the full EP on Soundcloud or Spotify

According to X. Ari: “As You Are” EP is a mix of mostly songs related to mental health or love and relationships. The song “As You Are” is an anti-bullying empowerment anthem encouraging people to stand up for themselves and own who they are and was released in September, Suicide Prevention Month. “Lifting Up” is a confessional song about my personality and lifestyle. The chorus talks about “falling down” and “breaking my crown” but then rising up afterward and propelling forward. “BSMI” stands for Broke, Single, and Mentally Ill so that song is pretty self-explanatory 🙂 I am still living that single life lol, but I’m no longer broke, thank g-d! “Take Me Home”, “Watching”, and “Be Where You Are” all have the theme of love, hope, and yearning.”

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