Life On Planets & Taylor Bense share boppin’ new EP ‘Glowstick’

Share boppin’ new EP ‘Glowstick’ out now via Kitsuné Musique

Fast rising Baltimore producer / singer / musician Life On Planets (Phil Celeste) is poised to release a brand new EP with the arrival of ‘Glowstick’ featuring Brooklyn electronic artist Taylor Bense out through Kitsuné Musique. This is the pair’s first collaborative effort together and the results have been mind blowing. 

Drawing on a myriad of influences from RnB, pop and trap, peppered with atmospheric electronic and housey grooves, the duo envisaged performing music that broke down barriers. Phil explains: “We were chillin at the studio talking about how we both loved a lot of rnb and trap stuff that was coming out but how it didn’t belong in our sets at dance clubs. We wanted to make something with a taste of both worlds that could be played at our performances without being totally alien to what we already do.”

When producing the single ‘Freq Talkin’ Taylor recalls: “I had this instrumental for probably over a year and I was waiting for the right Aires to descend and tie it all together. And then one day… there was Phil.”

Phil goes on to add: “Tay played me this beat and I thought it sounded very astral, very ethereal. I imagined trying to meet up with a lover through astral projection but she just wanna play on her phone.”

Life On Planets previous single ‘Only You’ was released on Soul Clap’s label Soul Clap Records and drew accolades from peers and press alike. Melding soul, R&B, and house in his original productions; the artist’s eclectic sound took him from the streets of Baltimore to cities the world over. Join Phill as he weaves live performance with electronics to spread messages of truth, love and consciousness across dance floors.

Like his own musical tastes, Taylor Bense draws on numerous and diverse inspirations. From jazz and MoTown, all the way up to the records that sampled them (Dilla, Tribe, Detroit house) Bense has managed to take familiar sounds and repurpose them into fresh tracks with unexpected lyrical and stylistic pairings.

‘Glowstick’ is their first EP together and will be released via Kitsuné Musique on 25th September.

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