Cassidy “The Devil”

Emotive Indie Pop New Single from Cassidy • WithGuitars

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada but now based in Berlin, singer-songwriter Cassidy creates stunning emotive indie pop.  Embracing vulnerability, she finds influence in raw emotional experiences including heartbreak and existential life crises among other dark moments. Cassidy is known for her undeniable catchy melodies and addictively relatable lyrics, speaking directly to the listener like the words coming from their own minds.  Her signature soulful vocals intertwine with moody, bass-filled beats creating a unique mix that is refreshingly new yet feels familiar.


Following her debut singles “Sex and Wine” and “Lying”, Cassidy returns with a touching emotional ballad.  Entitled “The Devil”,  the track was written a few years back on a piano with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and a broken heart. The single is autobiographical detailing the singer’s own heart wrenching experience with love and heartbreak. Featuring simplicity instrumentation, three-part harmonies and poignant lyricism, “The Devil” accentuates the hollowness of the emotional experience she faced.   

Cassidy manages to captivate listeners with her transparency and raw organic sound.  “The Devil” is out now.

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