Life Size Models Unveil Nostalgic Rock Single “Everything Changed”

Life Size Models Go Above and Beyond with Nostalgic Laced Single

Life Size Models merges melodic guitar work with honest, affecting lyricism to create emotional, hard-hitting indie rock that feels both nostalgic and modern. The group has also been compared to The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, & Catfish & the Bottlemen.

Listen in here! 

Life Size Models tell of the track:
“If you look around at the world, you’re likely to want an escape too. ‘A Way Out’ was written because we needed a way out of our heads, our habits, even our environment. When you’re frustrated and restless, like so many of us are, the need for an exit sign looms larger. Does that outlet come from a scream, a hug, a laugh, a song, another human connection? ‘I can give you a way out, if you want me to’. You choose. Just move forward.”

As teenagers, twin brothers Chris Seymour and Stephen Seymour took solace in their musical idols amidst the loss of close friends, heartbreak, and confronting the uncertainty of leaving their youth behind. These idols influenced the music the band would eventually create together. Life Size Models is an actualization of the idea that anyone can live up to their idols, life size or not. Life Size Models have been featured on The Bay Area’s ALT105.3 “Soundcheck”. The band also appeared on TV Series “CW’s B-Sides”, & “Soundwaves TV.” Life Size Models wrapped 2019 by opening for UK band Circa Waves at legendary San Francisco venue Bottom of the Hill.

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